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Compost bin

Biomix compost tea

With BIOMIX, prepare natural and organic homemade solutions from plants such as nettle and comfrey to stimulate your plants and prevent disease.
Product advantages:
Simple and efficient filtration with integrated tap to easily empty the liquid manure
Lid with mixer ensures leaf decomposition quickly while reducing bad odors (stir without lifting the lid)
Includes a booklet to help you choose your plants
19 liters
Safety cover, Window, Filter, Mixer, Handle, Faucet

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Bokashi activator

Bokashi Activator is a biological activator containing effective microorganisms.
Product advantages:
Turn ALL of your kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich compost in days!
An easy way to recycle and reduce food waste in the home.

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soil saver composter

Turn ALL of your kitchen scraps into nutrient-dense compost.
Advantages of the product:
A kitchen composter, which prepares you a rich fermentation liquid and a base for a premium compost
All organic kitchen scraps can be composted, not just vegetable waste, but also food scraps, fish and meat
Get liquid fertilizer in just 5 days and compost for your plants in just 15-20 days
Airtight, no unpleasant odor.
16 liters
1 kg of Bokashi bran, Measuring spoon, Bung filter, Measuring cup, Handle, Leveling trowel
Recycled plastic

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soil saver composter ** -20% **

This Original SoilSaver Classic Composter bin saves money by reducing curbside pickup and landfill waste. It produces nutrient rich organic soil for healthier plants and gardens. Now you can help the environment while also helping your family save money with the SoilSaver. Soil produced is natures' own fertilizer and soil conditioner. This compost converter includes a locking self-watering lid, 100% recycled material, military grade rugged construction, 2 sliding doors, openings for aeration and a free composting guide, "A Sense of Humus."


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