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Narcissus Narcissus

The Narcissus, or true Daffodil, takes its name from the Greek myth of Narcissus and Echo; its flowers bowing towards water points, its beauty and its toxicity, the squirrels avoiding it. Incorporate to the soil a layer of compost in spring. After flowering, apply a fertilizer rich in potash.


Giant corona (6)

It produces one flower per stem, the crown can occupy the third of the lenght of the petals.

Double early (4)

This cultivar produces beautiful double flowers, hence more than six petals per flower.

Large flower (5)

Varieties producing flowers larger than its sisters.

King Alfred (1)

Variety popular in North America for the size of its flower that are bright yellow. The Narcissus King Alfred has a mid-early bloom.

Poetaz (4)

Named Narcissus of the poets, it has a later bloom compared to other Narcissus. It can grow in heavy soil, hence it acclimates to the clay soil found in Montreal.

Prepared (4)

Variety used for indoor pots. They bloom after 5 to 6 weeks after being planted in the fall.

Rock garden (18)

Variety that is grown in rocky soil. The Rock Garden Narcissus becomes naturalized, hence it adapts to its new environment and will naturally reproduce over time.

Early trumpet (7)

This Narcissus has trumpet-shaped coronule. She blooms in early spring.

Perennial (3)

Variety showing better hardiness and naturalizing, hence adapting to a new environment.