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Floating foliage; young leaves are bronze, turning green. Cupped flowers, like those of peonies. Petal tips are white with a pink colouration intensifying towards the center.

Zone: Rustique
Common name: Water Lily
Family: Aquatics
Height: Non applicable
Width: 60-90 cm
Exposure: Sun
Leaf: Green, new bronze file
Flower: Pink; 13 cm in diameter
Flowering period : End of June-September
Fragrance : Light sweet fragrance
Type of soil: Minim: 15 cm / Maximum: 60 cm
Hardiness zone / Map: Rustique
For better results: Plan with Bio 3 in 1 planting mix

FERTILIZER: 2 to 3 times per summer. FALL: cut foliage and lower to bottom of pond (min. 60cm deep).

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