Pépinière Jasmin | Jardin Jasmin


Fruit trees

Medium size red fruit with white and sweet flesh, slightly tart. Resistance to apple scab and good storage life. Ripens in late September. Should be planted with another apple variety to get fruits. Starts producing fruits 3-5 years after planting. Prune in March, at the end of winter. In fall, install tree-guard on the trunk to protect it against sunburns and rodent damages, for the first years.

Zone: 4
Common name: BELMAC APPLE tree
Fall Foliage: yellow
Height: 6m
Width: 6m
Exposure: sun
Flower: white
Flowering period : MAY
Fruiting period: LATE SEPTEMBER
Fragrance : fragrant
Growth rate: medium
Protection: no winter protection
Type of soil: rich, fresh, well drained.
Hardiness zone / Map: 4

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