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Clematis ’Chevalier’ features velvet purple, star shaped flowers ageing to mid blue as they mature. Ideal for combining with silver or golden foliage evergreen shrubs or planted with silver foliage perennials. Make sure to bury the first buds, lay down a mulch at the base. In spring, wait until the growth has started then remove the dead wood and the weak stems. Used on trellises, arbors or pergolas, in small gardens.

Zone: 4
Common name: chevalier clematis
Fall Foliage: brownish yellow
Height: 2m
Width: 1m
Exposure: sun to part shade
Flower: deep purple
Flowering period : june and september
Fruiting period: no interest
Fragrance : no fragrance
Growth rate: fast
Protection: no winter protection
Type of soil: rich, light and well drained.
Hardiness zone / Map: 4

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