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The Gardena branch pruner is a versatile tool to cut branches up to 30mm in high trees up to 4.7m. Fits all combisystem handles.


The GARDENA combisystem Branch Pruner is ideally suited for the cutting of branches in high trees. In combination with a GARDENA combisystem Telescopic Handle, branches can be easily cut from the ground, without a ladder, and trimmed up to great heights. This guarantees effortless cutting of branches up to approx. 30 mm in diameter. The non-stick coated blades guarantee a clean and precise cut, as well as easy cleaning. Especially convenient: the pruner can be hung onto branches, resulting in even less effort for cutting; the pulling cord can be easily operated. The cord itself is 4.7 m long and tear-proof. The GARDENA combisystem Branch Pruner has a warranty of 25 years

Price: $108.99

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