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Paver protector Pro Series Natural Look mat finish 3.78L

Tiles - Stones

Get invisible protection for your pavers with Techniseal's iN Concrete Paver Sealer

This concrete sealer provides invisible protection for your pavers. It protects without changing the aspect or colours of your hardscape areas.
Use our concrete sealant to efficiently preserve porous materials such as pavers, slabs, concrete walls, poured concrete or stone.

The main benefits of using Techniseal's iN Concrete Paver Sealer

This high-quality sealer penetrates the surface in deep and leaves no surface coating; so treated areas retain their natural finish while being protected.
Very easy to apply - it offers maximum efficiency and durability.
This paver sealant is the ideal treatment for potentially slippery areas such as pool decks, steps and patios. It leaves no film on the surface and is resistant to water damage caused by mold and erosion.
Allows for easy cleaning by slowing down the penetration of oil, grease (i.e. in barbecue areas) and dirt.
Water-based, it contain very little solvent, therefore it emits no odor and is environmentally-friendly.

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