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Paver protector Pro Series Clear Look Semi-gloss finish 3.78L

Tiles - Stones

Protect and maintain the natural aspect of your pavers with Techniseal Clear Look Concrete Paver Sealer (EV).

A concrete sealant for pavers with delicate sparkles! It protects surfaces while preserving the natural appearance of pavers and giving them a semi-gloss finish.

This fantastic concrete sealer will provide your pavers with a natural protected appearance. The product is a transparent emulsion - specially designed to protect pavers, paving stones and slabs. It is ideal for protecting a wide range of outdoor areas, including driveways, patios, walkways and other pavements.
Main benefits of using Clear Look Concrete Paver Sealer (EV)

• Protects porous surfaces by forming a thick film with a semi-gloss finish.
• Resistant to wear, weather assaults (freeze-thaw cycles, sun and rain) and calcium.
• Easy to apply, this paver sealant provides a protective shield, making cleaning easier
• Slows down the penetration of oil, grease (i.e. barbecue areas) and dirt.
• Water-based and containing very little solvent, this acrylic sealer for pavers is easy to apply in a single layer - it is environmentally friendly and emits very little odours.

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