Pépinière Jasmin | Jardin Jasmin



'Snow Showers' is a large, vigorous deciduous climber with lime green leaves and abundant clusters of fragrant white flowers, tinged lilac, born later in spring and early summer. Once established, they create a beautiful scene. Wisteria look their best when they are trained against a sunny house wall, or when left to elegantly drape from a sturdy pergola or arch. Place near pathways, doorways or entrances to fully appreciate their beautiful scent.

Zone: 5
Common name: Japanese wisteria
Fall Foliage: yellow
Height: 8-10m
Width: 4-8m
Exposure: sun
Flower: white
Flowering period : mai-june
Fruiting period: pods
Fragrance : fragrant
Attracts birds: no
Growth rate: medium to fast
Protection: sheltered
Type of soil: moderately fertile and very well drained.
Hardiness zone / Map: 5
For better results: plant with Biosol marine compost and fossil bone meal for better results!

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