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Doubled florets.The tightly packed, pure white florets create very full, conical panicles with a unique 'quilted' effect. As the bloom ages, it turns a nice shade of green that lasts through most of the summer. The green foliage has wonderful wine-red fall color. bloom on the old wood, dont trim at fall!

Zone: 5
Common name: Oakleaf Hydrangea
Fall Foliage: wine red
Height: 1-1,5m
Width: 1-1,5m
Exposure: sun to part shade
Flower: white to green
Flowering period : july- august
Growth rate: medium
Protection: winter protection
Type of soil: rich, moist and well drained.
Hardiness zone / Map: 5
Warranty: Limited warranty for 3 months

Price: $47.50

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