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We love Sugar Shack buttonbush for its curious round summer flowers that feed bees and butterflies, its ornamental red fruit that attract birds and its bright fall foliage. Its bare stems and branches are attractive in winter. This adaptable US-native shrub is the perfect size for today’s small yards and gardens.

Zone: 4
Common name: buttonbush
Fall Foliage: burgundy
Height: 90-120cm
Width: 90-120cm
Flower: creamy white
Flowering period : july-august
Fruiting period: red
Fragrance : fragrant
Attracts birds: hummingbirds
Growth rate: medium to fast
Protection: no winter protection
Type of soil: moist, occasionally wet.
Hardiness zone / Map: 4
For better results: plantez avec le compost Biosol marin et les os fossiles pour de meilleurs résultats!

Price: $33.50

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