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Originating from Minnesota, this cultivar of Wisteria is more hardy and can bloom three times during the season. 'Blue Moon' is expected to produce flowers by the third year, if not the second. Superb clusters (45cm long) of fragrant, lavender blue flowers appear early summer. Requires a solid, very big trellis, which will be covered quite rapidly by its large green leaves. "

Zone: 4
Common name: Wisteria
Fall Foliage: Yellow
Height: 10M
Width: var
Exposure: Sun to part shade
Flower: Lavender blue
Flowering period : Spring summer
Fruiting period: Pod
Fragrance : Fragrant
Growth rate: Fast
Protection: Sheltered
Type of soil: Moderately fertile and very well drained.
Hardiness zone / Map: 4
Warranty: Limited warranty for 3 months
For better results: Plant with Biosol marine compost and fossil bone meal for better results!

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