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Coconut Mulch


100% natural coconut mulch
Certified organic by Écocert
Easy to use in three steps
1. Add water
2. Mix
3. Extend
4.5 kg = 56 liters of mulch when wet.


Stock #: 980-MULCH  -  30466


In addition to preventing weed growth, Coco Terro mulch leaves flower beds looking great.

  • 100% natural coconut shell fragments

  • Retains moisture, requires less watering

  • Adds organic nutrients to your soil

  • Compact and dry material, does not leak like colored mulches

  • Contains no coloring, chemicals or other toxic additives

  • Neutral pH (5.5 — 6.5)

  • Lasts for 5 years +

Price: $14.99

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