Pépinière Jasmin | Jardin Jasmin



Large (10-15 cm in diameter), velvety pink flowers with lavender tints and yellow stamens. Blooms from July to October. In spring, remove dead wood to the first pair of healthy buds or simply cut down to 1 m or less above the ground. When planting, take care to bury first buds. Lay down mulch at the base to keep fresh. Fertilise with a vine fertiliser in summer. Use on trellises, arbors, fences, posts or as a ground cover.

Zone: 4
Common name: Comtesse de Bouchaud Clematis
Fall Foliage: Yellow brown
Height: 3 m
Width: Variable
Exposure: Sun to part shade
Flower: Silky pink
Flowering period : July-October
Fruiting period: Feathery fruit
Fragrance : No fragrance
Growth rate: Fast
Protection: Sheltered
Type of soil: Rich, light and well drained
Hardiness zone / Map: 4
Warranty: Limited warranty for 3 months
For better results: Plant with clay breaker compost and fossil bone meal; add compost every spring

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