Pépinière Jasmin | Jardin Jasmin



Small, firm deep blue fruit with the flavour of wild blueberries. Good yielder and very hardy. An addition of acidic potting soil is required when the shrub is planted. A spring application of acidic fertiliser is well recommmended the year after the plantation. Avoid excessive watering. Mulch recommended. You MUST plant two different varieties to get a good pollination.

Zone: 3
Common name: Highbush Blueberry
Fall Foliage: Red Orange
Height: 90-120cm
Width: 100-120cm
Exposure: Sun
Flower: White
Flowering period : Mai
Fruiting period: July
Fragrance : No fragrance
Growth rate: Slow
Protection: No winter protect.
Type of soil: Acid, fresh, well drained.
Hardiness zone / Map: 3
Warranty: 1 year base warranty // 5 years with Myke product !
For better results: Plant with soil for acidophilic plants; add sulfur every year.

Price: $23.50

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