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Tulip Tulip


Botanical (16)

Variety in which are grouped lesser known species of Tulips. They are similar to wild Tulips, making them a more hardy and resistant species.

Darwin hybrid (20)

Beautiful simple egg-shaped flower that can reach a diameter of up to 8 cm. They offer longer durability than their sisters with its bulb about twice as big.

Double early (13)

Sumptuous cup-shaped double flower making their appearance in the middle of the season - end of May. They evoke the velvety aspect of the Peony.

Double late (18)

Tulip nicknamed ''Peony Tulip'', its flowers have a more flared port the Double Early Tulip. It blooms, as its name suggests, towards the end of spring - beginning of June.

Lily flowering (11)

This bulb produces elegant flowers in elongated tips, these are used well in the making of bouquet. The Lily Flowering Tulip adds a touch of delicacy in late spring - early June - to your garden.

Multiflowering (5)

Variety less known, except for the ''Toronto'' and ''Québec'' or ''Montréal''. It offers multiple flowering per stem.

Fosteriana - Emperor (10)

Category with a flared efflorescence, it produces one flower per stem. Its flowering is from mid-season - mid-May - in zone 5.

Fringed (12)

A Tulip whose flowering period is late, it produces flowers with serrated petals in contrasting hues. The Fringed Tulip adds a touch of originality to the flower bed.

Greigii (1)

This variety produces small plants, about 15 to 30 centimeters in height, and its foliage is often spotted with brown. The flowers of the Tulip Greigii are cup-shaped more pronounced and flared upwards.

Kaufmanniana (2)

Sometimes called Water Lily Tulip, its flower is usually two colors at each end. Its flowering period is early season - late April to early May.

Parrot (9)

Tulip with a late flowering, her petals are very cut, even fringed. She often has two colors that add to her charm.

Single early (23)

The Tulip category to brighten flowerbeds as soon as spring arrives, it adds a touch of warmth after an arid winter. The flowers can have a diameter up to 8 centimeters and the flower stem can reach a height between 15 and 45 centimeters.

Single late - Darwin (21)

Category blooming towards the end of spring, they have a square-shaped cut form at the base of the flower, giving it a unique look. It can produce on or more floral stems with flowers up to 8 centimeter in diameter.

Triumph (36)

Tulip blooming in mid-spring, it comes from a cross between the early and the simple late. Its cup-shaped flower can reach a diameter of 6 centimeters and its flower stem reaches a height between 35 to 60 centimeters.

Viridiflora - Exotic (2)

Tulip with good hardiness, the bulb, if planted at a good depth, can bloom several seasons. Its flower crossed by a greenish vein gives it an out of the ordinary appearance.