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ACTI-SOL tomatoes and vegetables organic fertilizer 4-6-8

100% natural fertilizer made of hen manure, bone meal and natural potash. This fertilizer is rich in calcium and perfect for tomatoes, cucumbers and all demanding vegetables.



Fruits and vegetables: tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, onions, lettuce, carrots, beans, etc.

  • Enhances fruit production
  • Improves plant resistance to diseases and water stress

Approved for organic agriculture

This fertilizer is approved for use in organic production by :

  • ECOCERT Canada
  • OCQV

Blossom-end rot prevention

Blossom-end rot is caused by a calcium deficiency and inappropriate watering, leading to the appearance of a persistent black spot on the underside of tomatoes. Layer hen manure, which is naturally rich in calcium, is an environmental solution promoting healthy plant growth and helping to prevent blossom-end rot.


  • Hen manure
  • Bone meal
  • Natural potassium


  • Dried, dehydrated and pelletized
  • No soil or compost added to the product
  • No binding agents used to hold particles together
  • Does not contain:
    • sludge
    • synthetic substances
    • fillers

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100% natural; high performance fertilizer with best results; Magnesium element is excellent for your vegetable garden. You must try it !


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Biomix compost tea

With BIOMIX, prepare natural and organic homemade solutions from plants such as nettle and comfrey to stimulate your plants and prevent disease.
Product advantages:
Simple and efficient filtration with integrated tap to easily empty the liquid manure
Lid with mixer ensures leaf decomposition quickly while reducing bad odors (stir without lifting the lid)
Includes a booklet to help you choose your plants
19 liters
Safety cover, Window, Filter, Mixer, Handle, Faucet

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Bokashi activator

Bokashi Activator is a biological activator containing effective microorganisms.
Product advantages:
Turn ALL of your kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich compost in days!
An easy way to recycle and reduce food waste in the home.

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Mix Boost fertilizer

Natural fertilize made from organic base products.



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Mix Mineral fertilizer

Natural fertilize made from organic base products.



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soil saver composter

Turn ALL of your kitchen scraps into nutrient-dense compost.
Advantages of the product:
A kitchen composter, which prepares you a rich fermentation liquid and a base for a premium compost
All organic kitchen scraps can be composted, not just vegetable waste, but also food scraps, fish and meat
Get liquid fertilizer in just 5 days and compost for your plants in just 15-20 days
Airtight, no unpleasant odor.
16 liters
1 kg of Bokashi bran, Measuring spoon, Bung filter, Measuring cup, Handle, Leveling trowel
Recycled plastic

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