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Soluble fertilizer

algoflash Geranium Fertilizer 4-6-8 500 ml

Water soluble formula.

  • Abundant and continuous blooms

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Algoflash Orange and Lemon Fertilizer

Algoflash Orange and Lemon Fertilizer contains nutrients (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium) and trace elements essential for the nutrition and acclimatization of your citrus fruits.
Specially formulated to cover the nutritional needs of all citrus fruits: orange, lemon, mandarin, kumquat, ...
It promotes the formation of fragrant flowers and contributes to fruiting.
At each watering, pour a full capful (12 ml) of Algoflash Orange and Lemon Liquid Fertilizer for 3 L of irrigation water.
For a precise dosage, use the graduations on the cap (1 line for 1 L of watering)
1st mark = 4 ml
2nd line = 8 ml
3rd line = 12 ml.
Composition: NPK 7.3.6 with trace elements.
Period of use: February to November

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Having trouble getting your Orchids to re-bloom?  AlgoFlash Orchid Fertilizer (4-6-6) with magnesium and micro-nutrients is a concentrated liquid fertilizer containing all of the necessary nutrients and magnesium to stimulate generous flowering on Orchids with no additives which can harm tender Orchid plants.


250 ml


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ALGOFLASH Vegetable and Herb Fertilzer 5-7-7 800ml

Abundant flavorful harvests with micronutrients 200 L of watering.


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