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Smart pot 15 gal


Smart Pots technology is both simple and ingenious. It is the porosity of the material, a thick geotextile that ensures an optimal root development and thus optimal plants. Specifically, Smart Pots provide excellent root development because:

  • The fabric allows aeration of soil and root system, one of the basic principles of gardening.
  • Aeration prevents spiraling roots observed in conventional pots and harming plant growth.
  • In the Smart Pots, when a root reaches the wall of the container growth stops and the plant develops new roots. The result is a dense root system rather than a few large roots spiraling along the walls.
  • The airflow prevents overheating observed in conventional pots on hot days, which is harmful to roots and microorganisms.


With a wide variety of formats, the design possibilities are numerous, both in the design of the garden and the choice of crops.

A versatile container:

  • Suitable for all types of crops, vegetable and ornamental
  • Allows the cultivation of root and tuber vegetables (radishes, carrots, turnips, Jerusalem artichokes, sweet potatoes)
  • Allows you to create an instant garden of 50″ (1.20 m) in diameter, with the format # 100 flat.
  • Ability to roll the top of the bag to reduce the depth (eg. Radish cultivation in a large bag)
  • Possibility of side openings for side crop.
  • Possibility of integrating the bag in a pot cover.
  • Also suitable for hydroponics and aquaponics.

A container simple to use:

  • Easy Maintenance
  • Formats # 3-15 with handles that facilitate moving them around
  • Lightweight, durable material (7-10 years), non-breakable

  • Manufacturer: Smart Pot

    Price: $7.99

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