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Concrete products made in Canada.

Each piece is sealed to give a better resistance and durability to our winters.

Stone lanterns were developed in 16th century Japan as a method of lighting garden paths leading to tearooms. Traditional tea ceremonies were often held in the evening. Guests would be expected to attain a certain level of mental refinement before reaching the tearooms, aided by strolling through a peaceful inner garden. Every element of the tea ceremony was designed to discourage distraction and promote inner harmony. Various forms of lantern evolved: Ikekomi-gata (buried lanterns)
Ikekomi-gata lack a pedestal base and are therefore held steady by being buried in the ground. They are found throughout the tea garden, particularly close to a special hand-washing bowl, known as a tsukubai.

  • Manufacturer: Cast Art Studios

  • # Stock: JPLS-AS   -    704025

    Size: 8" W x  6" D  x  34" H


    Color as shown: Ancient stone (AS)

    and available.

  • Weight: 80.000 Lbs

    Price: $264.99

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