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Bayshore planter - terracotta


Our glazed and terra cotta pottery is high fired between 990 (terra cotta) and 1000 (glazed) degrees centigrade to ensure frost resistance and durability. They are also subjected to rigorous testing in freeze-thaw conditions to ensure quality. Due to the processes used in the manufacturing of our hand-made and hand-glazed containers, all variations with respect to firing, color, size and crackling are not deemed to be defects but are natural occurrences in the manufacturing process. The glazes on our containers consist of natural, not chemical, components and therefore the final color of the product will vary. This process creates the unique beauty of each piece.

  • Manufacturer: Greenstar Plant Products Inc.

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    7.5″ W       -  709168

    10" W        -   709169

    13.25" W   -   709170

    16" W        -   709171

    Price: $26.99

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