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EMANUELE LAROSA, founded in 1968, is a leader in the production and marketing of plant seeds. The quality and variety of products, the competence and professionalism of the staff, the commitment and the seriousness of the sales staff have enabled and determined the growth of the company, established in the national field and today also abroad not only for the many trades, but also for the work of improving the quality of certain varieties of vegetables.
In the multiplication phase, the mother plants are grown in the field but still under strict plant health control in fact, at this stage several visual and laboratory checks are carried out for many pathogens, at our experimental center. Seed multiplication production is carried out by us using:
Basic seeds provided by the customer: we multiply hybrid and standard varieties (O.P.)
Our basic seed: we have a wide range of varieties controlled and continuously improved thanks to the vastness of the production area, we guarantee the production of seeds of other genetic values as production takes place in isolated spatial areas and particularly favorable to the multiplication of seeds. The main area of multiplication production is located in southern Italy on the reliefs of Puglia and Molise where the dry, sunny and ventilated climate allows for a sustainable germination over the years.
The production of other species that require cooler climates is carried out in central and northern Italy (Emilia-Romagna and Marche).


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