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In 1968 Mr. Emanuele Larosa founded the Larosa Emanuele Seed Company. The company is situated in the beautiful rustic town of Andria Bari, in southern Italy.
Mr. Larosa has an extensive and specific knowledge of the seed sector handed down to him by generations of expert seed producers.
Since it's foundation the Larosa Seed Company has paid great attention to preserve and keep the genetic characteristics of traditional classic Heritage-Heirloom seed varieties. Both with the high experience obtained through the years and with the valid co-operation of seed experts has made it possible to enhance and improve quality and production of these fine seed lots.
At Weston Seeds company we offer these high quality seed products to the North American market and abroad. Our range of products consist of over 450 classic heirloom, hybrids, and newly organic selected varieties, all obtained thanks to the most modern technologies. Each seed variety comes with an innovative hermetically sealed package to ensure freshness, a beautiful alluring picture, but most of all contains the exact reproduction of the variety and detailed instructions for it's cultivation.
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