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Algoflash Bonsai Liquid Fertilizer


Algoflash Bonsai Liquid Fertilizer contains nutrients (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium) and trace elements essential for the nutrition and acclimatization of your plants.
It is specially formulated to cover the nutritional needs of all species of Bonsai: Serissa, Araucaria ...
It promotes the growth of dense, green foliage as well as root development.
At each watering, pour a full capful (12 ml) for 3 L of water.
For a precise dosage, use the graduations on the cap: 1 mark (4 ml) for 1 L of water.
Composition: NPK 4.5.6 with trace elements.
Period of use: April to September


250 ml

Price: $9.99

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