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Algoflash Bonsai Liquid Fertilizer


Algoflash Green Plants and Ficus liquid fertilizer is a unique complete fertilizer containing trace elements and magnesium in addition to the usual nutrients (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium) essential for the growth of your plants.
Its exclusive formulation, Algoflash Green Plants and Ficus Fertilizer acts in a beneficial way on your plants, stops and prevents the fall of the leaves.
Your green plants are nourished and strengthened, their growth more regular, their foliage greener.
Once a week, pour a full capful (12 ml) of Algoflash Green Plants and Ficus Liquid Fertilizer for 3 L of irrigation water.
For a precise dosage, use the graduations on the cap (1 line for 1 L of watering)
1st mark = 4 ml
2nd line = 8 ml
3rd line = 12 ml.
Composition: NPK 6.4.6 with magnesium and trace elements.
Period of use: March to October


500 ml

Price: $13.99

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