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Biomix compost tea


With BIOMIX, prepare natural and organic homemade solutions from plants such as nettle and comfrey to stimulate your plants and prevent disease.
Product advantages:
Simple and efficient filtration with integrated tap to easily empty the liquid manure
Lid with mixer ensures leaf decomposition quickly while reducing bad odors (stir without lifting the lid)
Includes a booklet to help you choose your plants
19 liters
Safety cover, Window, Filter, Mixer, Handle, Faucet


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Prepare a nutrient-rich liquid manure from plants.
A Garden Without Chemicals - Use the Hozelock Biomix to easily prepare slurry or natural insecticides for your plants. The Biomix makes your life easier, thanks to its lid and its mixing action, ensuring rapid decomposition of comfrey leaves without bad smells coming out of the blender.
Built-in filter and faucet - Allows you to separate plant residue and drain liquid easily and without splashing. Once you have collected your slurry, remember to dilute it before using it.
An economical and sustainable solution - The Biomix pays for itself after only 2 uses: the preparation of 10 l of slurry (prepared in one go with the Biomix) allows you to save the purchase of 10 x 1 l of fertilizer!
Comfrey, the friend of bees - produces a highly nutritious natural fertilizer rich in potassium and trace elements for flowering and fruiting plants. Try the Bocking 14 variety which won't spread seeds and invade your garden.
Use nettles as a rich nitrogen supply to promote leaf growth - Gives your plants a good boost after frost or hail damage and stimulates young plants in the spring.
Are pests your worst enemies? - The lavender solution is very effective against ants and the large fern repels aphids. You can add a spoonful of black soap to improve the adhesion of the solution.

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