Soil analysis – Pépinière Jasmin

Why have your soil analysed?

A soil analysis helps you get a good overview of your soil’s characteristics and choose the necessary corrections. You will thus offer your plants optimal growing conditions.


  • Early spring or fall

Informations gathered during the analysis

  • Soil type and texture: clay, sandy or limey;
  • Soil PH: acidic or alcaline;
  • Quantities of nutrients: P, K, Mg, Ca, Fe, etc.) ;
  • Density of organic matter.

How to proceed?

  • You can use a trowel to gather your soil samples – wash your trowel beforehand.
  • Gather a few large spoonfuls of soil, from about 30cm deep, from a few different spots within the area you wish to have analysed (e.g. your garden).
  • Store the soil in a clean bag or container.
  • with gloves on, remove stones, bits of wood, and other debri from your sample; do not touch the soil with your bare hands to prevent contamination.
  • You should gather about 250ml (1 cup).
  • The quantities of fertilizer and other additives wil be determined from the results of the analysis.