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April is barely beginning and we already see the carefully chosen spring bulbs emerging that were planted before winter. But did you know that in addition to tulips, daffodils, and other early bulbs sleeping under the snow, it's possible to enjoy the spectacular blooms of non-perennial summer bulbs?
Dahlias and gladioli are well-known, but consider adding calla lilies with their elegant corollas, or crocosmias whose floral spikes attract all eyes. For shadier gardens, begonia bulbs are a safe investment.
This horticultural oil has a physical effect on insects upon contact, so it is not toxic when used properly. Also, this product degrades fairly quickly in the days following spraying. It is therefore important to thoroughly cover the bark of the treated plants. This intervention tool is preferred to limit the proliferation of certain harmful insects to crops, such as on fruit trees.
The application should be done on a mild and clear day. There should be no temperatures lower than 4C for 24 hours and no rain for 48 hours following the application. Consult us for more details and to know about other products.
Are you a fan of seedlings and vegetables? Get yourself a small transitional greenhouse to give your young tomato, pepper, and eggplant plants the benefit of sunlight as soon as temperatures allow. The plastic sheeting limits air circulation and helps maintain a higher temperature inside. Note that it does not sufficiently block sunlight to exempt you from acclimating your plants. View product.
From April 15
Several varieties of vegetables have a fast enough growth to be directly sown in the garden. When the soil warms up and there is no ground frost risk, it is possible to sow plants preferring cool temperatures, such as sweet peas, lettuces, spinach, as well as radishes, carrots, turnips, rutabagas, beets, and other root vegetables. Don't overlook Asian leafy vegetables in the seed aisle. Bok choy and Asian mustards like mizunas add spiciness, texture, and color to our plates. Comme make your choices in-store to discover new varieties!

Before sowing, it is advisable to disturb the soil as little as possible, except for carefully removing all unwanted weeds from the planting area and adding high-quality organic matter. Our employees will advise you with pleasure.

Its time to apply corn gluten to prevent weed germination. Ask our advisors at the horticultural store for more information. Apply granular fertilizers and compost around perennials and shrubs
Prune late-blooming shrubs, such as paniculate hydrangeas In April do not prune; birch, maples, grape vines. You risk weakening them.
Get a protective cover to protect the plants from frost and insects. Click here.

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